Personal Best


I, the undersigned, do hereby acknowledge:

my consent to perform a fitness evaluation the results of which will assist in determining the type and amount of physical activity most appropriate for my level of fitness;

my consent to perform exercise sessions (which includes cardiovascular, muscle conditioning, muscle strengthening and flexibility exercises) with the guidance of a personal trainer, in my home fitness club or any and all Personal Best training facilities or studios;

my understanding that my heart rate and blood pressure will be measured prior to and at the completion of the test;

electrocardiographic tracings may or may not be taken as an accurate indicator of heart rate.  This is not designed to rule out the presence or absence of heart disease or any other medical condition.  The staff is not trained to make any diagnosis regarding the presence or absence of heart disease or any other medical condition.  For medical advice, please see a doctor;

my consent to the test and the training sessions conducted by an individual who is trained in the field of physical education and / or kinesiology and / or fitness appraisal and / or appropriate field experience and accreditation.  I understand that the interpretation of results is limited to providing a comparison with percentile-based norms and information on various aspects of fitness.  In addition, this information will be used for re-testing comparisons;

my obligation to immediately inform my trainer of any pain, discomfort, fatigue or any other symptoms that I may suffer during and immediately after any test and all training sessions;

my understanding that there are potential risks: i.e., episodes of transient lightheadedness, fainting, abnormal or increased blood pressure, chest discomfort, leg cramps and muscular discomfort, and that I assume willfully those risks

my understanding that I may stop or delay any further testing or training if I so desire and that the sessions may be terminated by the appraiser upon observation of any symptoms of distress or abnormal response

my understanding that the best results of personal training and a conditioning program occur over consistent training;

my consent to my voice, name, and/or likeness being used, without compensation, for exploitation in any and all media, whether now known or hereafter devised;

that I hereby release Personal Best, its agents, officers, trainers and employees from any liability with respects to any damage or injury (including death) that I may suffer during any testing and / or any and all training sessions at my club, my home, all training facilities or locations and any Personal Best studio.



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