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Personal Best have been running warm-weather triathlon, biking & yoga camps for three decades. Each camp has a different focus and before each participant arrives, staff make sure they have an agenda that will meet your specific needs. Tucson Arizona has become one of North America's greatest training cities for cycling, triathlon, running, hiking, cross fit & yoga/core.  With over 325 sun filled days,  Tucson Arizona is the perfect place for an active and warm training vacation.

Camps will run from March 17th until the end of April.


  • March 17-23
  • March 12-30
  • March 60-April 6
  • April 13-20
  • April 20 until end of April (note you can have an extra 1-2 days)


A mix of CONDO and HOUSES, prices vary based on accommodations and week of attendance.
Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details

TRE 0904MT LEMON FACTOR: No City in North America has a more exciting series of different rides to pick one. Most famous is the epic, 25 mile MT LEMON ride. Start with cactus in the desert at mile zero and end the 25 miles next to the snow-boarders at the top of Mt Lemon and get your well earned cookie or slice of pizza at the top of the mountain and your souvenir PB gift as well. PB staff always support all riders with van support up the mountain.

500+ KM OF PROTECTED BIKE LANES FOR GREAT RIDING: Every single year, the city adds more and more kilometers of amazing, great pavement and a protected bike lanes for safe and great riding. You can do a 160km ride from the condos and never not be in a bike lane. With 7-8 amazing bike rides, the problem will be figuring out how to fit them into one week.

tucson-poolHEATED OUT-DOOR SWIMS:  PB has two world-class outdoor swimming pools located near the camp Condos where you will be staying.  Even if you're not in a triathlon camp, there is still a chance to get a swim in over the week. With the Tucson Mountains in the back-drop of both pools, you are guaranteed to have a breath-taking view during each swim.

ICONIC RUNNING IN TUCSON:  We have a combination of running trails, quiet roads and beautiful bike paths to run on. Depending on your needs, we can have a shorter faster technical run or a longer endurance one. We usually run earlier in the morning, to avoid the heat and give you the perfect chance to see the sun coming up over the mountains.

ELITE COACHING DIFFERENCE:  Hall of Fame Coach Barrie Shepley will be overseeing each camp along with numerous world-class weekly associated coaches who will be in camp to add their wisdom and energy.

BBQ’S – SOCIALS & SIGHTSEEING: The camp staff has numerous weekly BBQs, socials and local sightseeing events planned.  With a great local pool and hot tub, there is time to recover after workouts with campers and coaches.  With many world-class restaurants nearby, you have the luxury of going out each night or find a mix of staying home and heading out with the gang.

SPORT MASSAGE AVAILABLE:  We have world-class massage therapists who come to the camp 1-2x a week. Its totally optional, but these therapists have worked with Olympic, College and Professional athletes. They bring their massage table to your condo. World class sport massage right in your condo.

ABILITY TO CUSTOMIZE THE WEEK:  After 30 years of camps, we know how to customize a week. Once we understand your major goals (technique, general fitness, big bike miles for your 2016 races), we can coordinate you with other campers of equal fitness and athletic objectives. Rarely does the entire group/camp do the same workouts based on need, fitness and goals.


TR0 3919300+ DAYS OF SUN:  In the last 2 years, we have had 2 days of rain over the entire winter. Tucson has 300+ days of sunshine and the traditional day starts off in the 70s for the morning run and builds to mid 80s by the afternoon. It cools off at night to sleep AND importantly, with very low humidity, you rarely sweat. It’s the perfect combination to tan, train and sightsee without being soaked in sweat.

Camp Experts

BARRIE SHEPLEY: Hall of Fame and Olympic coach Barrie Shepley is the head-coach for the winter camps. Barrie’s role is to make sure that all campers get the experience they are looking for. Barrie will work with his coaching staff each week to ensure that your needs are met.

CARON SHEPLEY: Caron is also founder and owner of Blue Dog Yoga and Fitness. She specializes in teaching yoga, fusion and core conditioning classes. Caron is a master yoga instructor and for over 15 years, trained fitness professionals to be yoga instructors through the organization CPTN (Certified Personal Trainer’s Network). She has completed the Ironman Triathlon eight times and won a silver medal for Canada at the world Triathlon Championships. Drawing from her kinesiology background and several years as a Ironman triathlete, Caron has developed an athletic style of yoga and muscle conditioning which focuses on increasing strength, power and muscle balance. Caron's classes are attended by all sorts of people, from beginners to Olympic level.

MIGUEL VADILLO: The former national team modern pentathlete made history when he swam 55km across Lake Ontario without a wetsuit. International skilled in coaching swimming & endurance athletes, Miguel speaks perfect English & Spanish and his wisdom on the pool deck is amazing.

TR0 3391ADDITIONAL COACHES: Are being added to the staff over the winter.  Stay tuned for updates.

ROOM-MATES: If you are looking to reduce the camp costs by sharing a room, we will do our best to identify an appropriate room-mate for you.

FANCY HOTELS AND SPAS NEAR BY: If you are looking to "live-it up" we have numerous Spas and Four and Five Star Hotels very close to the other camp accommodations. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more help on the perfect accommodations for YOU or perhaps your non-camp family members.

TRI-CAMP FOCUS CAMPS: Each athlete will be following customized programs that are designed to meet your specific needs. In general, tri-camps will focus on the biking #1, swimming #2, running # 3, core & injury prevention # 4 and hiking/seminars # 5. Individualized changes will occur based on specific participant needs.

TUCSON HIKESTucson has some of the greatest hikes.  Camps will have options where you can get a hike or two in place of a swim-bike or run.

VAN SUPPORT OR  YOUR OWN VEHICLE: Each camp has an option of going in the team van or having your own transport, to give you more freedom.  Obviously having your own car will allow you maximal freedom, but a camp vehicle will be available for less expensive transport for each week.

BIKE TRANSPORTATION: Some camps will have bike transport down to Tucson. No specifics are finalized yet.

Specific Camp Details

PAYMENT DETAILS: $150.00 cdn non-refundable deposit is required on PAYPAL to save your spot. Once a deposit payment has been made, camp coaches will send you more information to fine-tune your accommodation, transportation, bike transport, camp goal needs.

MORE QUESTIONS AND DETAILS: email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

ALL Fees are in American currency and includes:

  • Daily personalized coaching and resources with world-class sport leaders
  • Accommodations
  • Van Support up/down the mountain (if required)
  • Van support if you have purchased this option
  • Camp seminars
  • Final camp social

A guaranteed great time with world-class support and weather


Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as camp cost will vary based on the type of accommodations, the number of people in your accommodations, and whether you have van support or your own vehicle.  Barrie can give you a quote immediately based on your needs.

PAYMENT DETAILS: $150.00 cdn non-refundable deposit is required to save your spot. Once a deposit payment has been made, camp coaches will send you more information to fine-tune your accommodation, transportation, bike transport, camp goal needs.

Camps can be made longer by starting 1-2 days early or staying 1-2 days longer. A small additional fee will be included to cover the extra condo days.

2019 PB Tucson Training Camps

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