Whether you are a pro, seasoned amateur or just starting out, the Personal Best Summer Triathlon program can help.  Join our dynamic group of triathletes and get coaching from Barrie and his team.  They have years of experience helping athletes achieve their personal best at every distance.dsc_0580

There are many structured events where you can train with other athletes with similar goals and abilities. You will be coached by some of the best in swimming, biking and running.  Come and join us today.


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Training Program Features


PB SIMULATION DAYS:   Personal Best coaches will organize and run swim-bike-run training days for novices, intermediate and advanced athletes to specifically prepare you for the season ahead.  Some of these days will be right at  Subaru Triathlong Series sites (to prepare you for the races) while others will be in Caledon at the C3 Training Site.    Workouts will go from 2 (novice) up to 8-10 hours (long-distance Ironman simulation).

INTERNET VIDEO ANALYIS.  You send our coaches a video clip  of your swim-bike or run form over the internet and our coaches will analyze it and then send you back drills and techniques you need to follow to be faster and less injured.

SMALL GROUP WORKOUT:: PB coaches will  organize small group swim-bike-run sessions with a focus on technique.

PB SUMMER TRI-CLUB: Regardless of the club you belong to, you can have an associated membership with TEAM PB and take advantage of open water swim-bike-run workouts at the team’s summer base in Caledon.   Coached workouts go from May till Oct and include a safe - clean open water quarry.

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