A position on the bike that works for your body is essential for comfort and can be optimized for aerobic and aerodynamic performance, as well as injury prevention. At PB we utilize motion capture video to record and analyze your bike position and to extract various body angles. With this data in hand, we utilize our experience and compare against industry norms in a combined approach to refine your position. And since optimal bike fit is about more than just angles, we spend a lot of time working with you to incorporate information about your goals, your strengths and weaknesses, flexibility and biomechanical characteristics, and of course, how you ride. When completed, you'll have a riding position that maximizes your power and comfort.Bike fitting is not only for when you purchase a new bike but also benefits a rider as we age and our body changes. So consider a fit every two to three years, whenever you change bikes, and especially if you are experiencing discomfort.

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1.5-2.0 hour session, $199