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A testimonial from registered nurse and certified coach:

What I find now is the energy and the ability at 52 years of age to exercise more than I have in years and still feel energized. I sleep better, I feel great, and my moods are more regulated. I also noticed that I don’t seem to be as sore after exercise or hard workouts. For someone as active as I am, this is a big benefit. 

Why Isagenix

I spent one year researching the company, products and source of ingredients. I then spent close to another year trying the products (didn't tell anyone except my wife). Right away my energy increased, my blood profile improved (3 blood tests in one year), I slept better and my body fat went down.

The products are excellent, the quality amazing. No filler, no high fructose corn syrup, no sucralose, no artificial colours or dyes.

"This is the Perfect shake" (Dr. Colgan)  external link

Electrolytes replacement sport drink   external link

Athlete Performance System  external link


Meeting Dr. Michael Colgan

On Friday April 27 I attended a lecture with Dr. Michael Colgan.  Dr. Colgan is a living legend, Barrie, my wife, and I have read his books.  As a biochemist, researcher, physiologist, nutritionist and author of almost two dozen books, he has greatly influenced the health and fitness fields for over 40 years.

I arrived early to the talk in what was a small lecture room. It was by invitation only, and thankfully a friend who was not able to go, gave me his invitation. Because I was early, I had the opportunity to speak to Dr. Colgan before the lecture and asked him a few questions. Let me tell you, this man is scary smart, and at the same time approachable. Dr. Colgan shared with the audience some of the new brain research he is conducting.  The lecture was also about the science behind, and why he accepted the offer to join the Isagenix Scientific Advisory Board.

He finally agreed to join Isagenix following his analysis of primarily this product: Ionix Supreme  external link

He said that he had been creating something similar for his clients for years, but at a cost of over $300 per month. He was amazed to learn the source of where the ingredients came from and was shocked at the low cost Isagenix offered the product to people. 

"I was watching my wife die and now she is living a full life again!"
- Chris Broadhurst

Personal testimonial from Kelly & Chris Broadhurst (of the Toronto Maple Leafs and Hockey Canada).

over a year ago Chris and Kelly were introduced to Isagenix.  Kelly said she was extremely busy with her 4 children, they lost a daughter 10 years ago and has since had a difficult time recovering from the loss of their daughter.  Kelly experienced many health challenges that put a tremendous strain on their family not to mention her lack of energy while she tried to keep up with daily life as a mom.  The gift of Isagenix has transformed their life.  "We are an Isagenix family".  Kelly mentions that she knows what it is like to live a very busy life, but never did she know what it felt like to live a FULL life!

Kelly & Chris' son who is 17 years old, gained 13 lbs of lean muscle mass in 3 months with the help of Isagenix and nutritional cleansing.

Before taking any such product please consult with your physician, nutritionist, dietician and / or your naturopathic doctor.