Corporate Services

Personal Best is an industry leader incorporate wellness services. Companies interested in pursuing the idea of an on-site Employee Fitness and Lifestyle Program often do not know where to start. What are the benefits to the company and its employees? Should it involve a facility? How much will it cost? Personal Best has developed a consulting process that generally includes three steps depending on what stage of development a company finds itself. Personal Best provides services and proven consulting methods to assist corporate leaders with the necessary background and information on which to base decisions to ensure your company receives the best return on it’s investment in a worksite program. The following outlines the various steps in the PB Consulting Process in more detail to show how we can be of assistance to a company during the early planning stages of a program.

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Personal Services

Personal Training ServicesDo you want results? In order to achieve the goals that you’re after, you need to have a proper exercise program and use correct technique when performing your exercises. A trainer from Personal Best can direct your workout to lead you to faster results in a safe manner. You'll also be shown which exercises would be most beneficial to you and how to perform them to prevent injuries. Both beginning and experienced members can gain from hiring a personal trainer, either by helping to orient you to the fitness centre or by adding variety to your daily workouts. Be sure to ask us how a personal trainer can help bring your training to a whole new level.

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