As a co-owner of Personal Best (PB) Sheldon’s clientele has extended to four continents. Sheldon is an NCCP certified coach in several different sports and also a certified Stress and Wellness Consultant (Canadian Institute of Stress & Hans Selye Foundation). 2024 is Sheldon's 38th year as a sport coach, and he is one of few Certified High Performance Sport Scientist Leaders in Canada.  As a Sport Scientist, his experience includes working with athletes who have competed at world championships, the Commonwealth Games, the Pan-American games, and the Olympics (summer and winter) from close to two dozen different national team programs.

He is a co-founder of the Certified Professional Trainers Network (CPTN), the founder and was the inaugural President of the Canadian Strength and Conditioning Association (CSCA), an author, and award winning international conference presenter. He has twice hosted his own radio show segment, has taught high performance coaches at two different colleges and through the National Certification Program (NCCP). Additionally, over the past 24 years Sheldon has worked with the Canadian Sport Institute Ontario (formerly the Canadian Sport Centre) in the capacities of Lead S&C, Lead Sport Science, Manager Performance Services, Director Sport Science and Sport Medicine, Director Performance Services, is currently a Senior Advisor and a highly sought mentor for practitioners in our country. 

Above all, Sheldon enjoys spending time with his wife, and tries to stay in shape in an effort to keep up with his kids.

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Personal Best (PB) co-owner Barrie Shepley was Canada’s National Triathlon Team coach in 1991, and for several years following. PB was formed in 1991 and since that year, Barrie has coached hundreds of people to national championship titles, Pan American Games medals, World Championship medals as well as successful completion of the Hawaii Ironman and the Boston Marathon. Barrie was selected to go to the 2000 Sydney Olympics where Triathlon made its debut as a full medal sport. Canada won the gold medal in the men's event, a performance no one will ever forget.

Furthermore, Barrie has been the voice of the International Triathlon Union, and announced races all over the world, including multiple Olympic games. As a Board member for Triathlon, co-founder of Ontario Triathlon, and former chair for the Coaches Association of Ontario, there are few people in our nation that have contributed as much to the sport as Barrie. Barrie was also the founder of the Kids of Steele triathlon program, a program that gave many of our nation's top triathletes a start in the sport, including Olympic gold medal winner Simon Whitfield. 

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It is with extreme sadness that We share our beautiful Caron Shepley ended her five-year journey with cancer, Saturday September 30th, 2023.

Caron was so much more than her outer beauty.

She was a sister, an amazing daughter & daughter-in-law, an aunt, an Ironman triathlete, a yoga teacher, an animal communicator, a paddle board instructor, a corporate wellness Director, a spiritual energy researcher, a friend to many, an incredible wife and a passionate fundraiser for animal charities.

A graduate of McMaster University where she received an honours degree in physical education, Caron worked in corporate fitness for over 30 years.  As Corporate Director she maintained a hands-on approach to the facililties managed by Personal Best.  She supported Personal Best's team members (i.e. staff) with unparalled care, guidance and love, and treated all team members like family. Caron was also a master yoga instructor, trained fitness professionals to be instructors and had her own series of DVDs.  Caron completed the Ironman Triathlon several times and won a silver medal for Canada at the world Triathlon Championships.  

There is no replacing a wonder like Caron, we are deeply saddened, however the lessons she taught us during her life will remain and echo into the years to come. 

Caron - we love you 

For those who were not able to attend Caron's celebration of life on October 15th, 2023 you can view the complete ceremony HERE 

Additionally, you can view Caron's picture gallery of family and friends HERE


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