PB turned 30 years old in the fall of 2021. Barrie, Caron and Sheldon met each other while they were students at McMaster University, in Hamilton Ontario.  

In 1991, PB's corporate colours were neon yellow and purple.  Although the corporate colours changed, it has been interesting to see neon yellow and purple in style, out of style, in style again, and back out of style again over the past 30 years.  What about world events?  At the Oscars, Whoopi Goldberg won best supporting actress for Ghost, but Kevin Costner was the big winner with multiple Oscars, including Best Picture, for Dances with Wolves. 

Madonna and Bryan Adams were topping the charts.  However, the most amazing song of the year was a remix of Unforgettable with Natalie Cole and a computer synched Nat King Cole (her father). And while Dances with Wolves was the movie of the year during awards season, 1991 was also the year of Terminator 2 with Arnold making good on his perpetual “I’ll be back” catch phrase. John Grisham’s book The Firm was a best seller, and the top 3 TV shows in the US were 60 Minutes, Roseanne and Murphy Brown.

With sadness, it was the year the world lost amazing Queen front man Freddie Mercury, plus Redd Roxx (hilarious comedian), Miles Davis (phenomenal musician) and Michael Landon (co-star of Bonanza and Stairway to Heaven).

The Sky Dome (as it was called back then) was a cool place to hang out and watch a game.  The Dream team of Bruce McNall, Wayne Gretzky and John Candy owned the Grey Cup winning Toronto Argos and the Jays would win their first World Series the following year.  Many Canadians were happy to see Mario Lemieux win the Stanley Cup, even if not Pittsburgh Penguins’ fans.

Other notable events included the Hubble Telescope being launched, free elections in Taiwan, the goods and services tax (GST) came into effect, and the USSR came to a formal end, officially dissolved on December 26.  Finally, the world wide web was officially launched 1991. 

It was an eventful year, and for Barrie, Caron and Sheldon, their favorite event was the birth of PB.  click HERE to read our monthly spotlight features

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