Companies interested in pursuing the idea of an on-site Employee Fitness and Lifestyle Program often do not know where to start. What are the benefits to the company and its employees? Should it involve a facility? How much will it cost? Personal Best has developed a consulting process that generally includes three steps depending on what stage of development a company finds itself. Personal Best provides services and proven consulting methods to assist corporate leaders with the necessary background and information on which to base decisions to ensure your company receives the best return on it’s investment in a worksite program. The following outlines the various steps in the PB Consulting Process in more detail to show how we can be of assistance to a company during the early planning stages of a program.

Step 1: Justification Study

This first step is usually required to secure management support and commitment to a program.

  • Provides rational for worksite fitness and health promotion
  • Reviews anticipated benefits that accrue to employees and the organization
  • Reviews other industry research and company programs
  • Determines company’s goals and objectives
  • Reviews cost/ benefits to fitness in the workplace
  • Generally involves interviews with Senior staff and decision makers
  • Identifies the benefits and barriers to participation
  • Determines measurable outcomes
  • Assists in developing a request for proposal,if necessary

Step 2: Employee Needs and Interest Survey

This second step involves the completion of an employee needs survey to gather data for planning and decision making.

  • Assess current activity habits
  • Assess perceived health and activity status
  • Assess perceived needs on and off the job
  • Determine fitness equipment preferences
  • Determine barriers/motivators to participation
  • Assess interest in various fitness programs
  • Assess interest in various wellness programs
  • Determine peak time usage
  • Determine a membership fee structure if necessary
  • Initiate employee ownership, volunteerism to the program
  • Determine the appropriate size of the centre
  • Determine group exercise interest
  • Assess individual readiness to lifestyle behaviour change

Step 3: Feasibility Study

This step uses the information gathered from the needs/interest survey, staff interviews and management input along with the consultant’s expertise to develop a comprehensive business plan for the facility and program development, so that all necessary factors are considered to ensure a successful start-up.

The above three steps of the consulting process, and some of the areas of consideration may not be required depending the current needs of your company. Generally speaking however these are the things that need to get done one way or another to make your program a success. The above outline is provided to give you some understanding of the way we would approach your project. Obviously we would meet to agree to the exact scope of work and are confident that using our professional services could be the most important decision you make the development of a program for your employees.

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