Once the planning and development stages are complete many firms still desire assistance to implement their plans and programs. Personal Best have successfully helped many firms through initial program implementation, program operation and on-going management services.j0422371

On the surface, there may appear to be no difference between hiring staff internally and contracting to a professional management group such as Personal Best Inc. Behind the scenes, however, an extensive support network exists for the PBI staff in any project. Rather than being the sole “health promotion/ fitness consultant” in the company, Personal Best employees benefit from on-going training, supervision from senior staff as well as, provision of proven methodologies, program ideas, promotional assistance and a variety of professional resources and contacts available through Personal Best.

The advantage of such a system to our client is threefold. First, your employees benefit from greater personal contact with a coordinator who requires less administrative time or supervision from your firm’s staff, who ever that person might be. Secondly, the responsibility for screening, hiring, training and supervising someone in an unrelated field is removed from the client. Control over policy and budget remains vested with the client, but the hassle of day-to-day operations is removed. And thirdly, you receive the most well-trained and well prepared worksite health promotion professionals’ available. Personal Best makes available systems and programs developed over many years of collective experience of the Personal Best senior staff which allows for efficient and effective project management.

Personal Best will take full responsibility for the programs, budgets, staffing and operation of the facility in cooperation with our client. We operate on a management services agreement with an agreed upon budget and project objectives. Our approach and commitment to providing well-trained, motivated staff and professional supervision is the key to our continued success.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..