Trudy has lived a healthy lifestyle since before she could walk. As a student, she was a school and National athlete in Track. To challenge herself, she has competed in Ironman events.

Her passion narrows in on Running and Multi-sports training. She trains clients as a whole machine; learning to realign areas of weakness so as to become strong and pain-free is important for everyone.

Trudy specializes in weight-training, group classes and individual program designs.
With 16 yrs in the industry Trudy believes that everyone can learn to love fitness, they just have to find their sport.


  • Premier Diploma in Personal Training/Special Pops/Nutrition/Sports Rehab (UK)
  • Exercise to Music (UK)
  • Massage Therapy (re-schooled in Canada, certified from the UK)
  • BTA Level 1 Triathlon Coach (UK)
  • Functional Movement Screening level 1 (CAN)
  • PN Level 1 Nutrition Coach (CAN)


Monday: 7:15-9:15, 12:00-17:00

Tuesday: 7:15-17:00

Friday: 7:15-9:15, 12:00-17:00